Monday, May 30, 2011

Admiral Table Radio model 7T10

A five tube plastic table radio with a fantastic shine.
Here is the tube lineup: 12SA7 12SK7 12SQ7 50L6GT 35Z5GT The era is the late 1940s.
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Zenith H511 Bakelite (five peanut tubes) Early to mid 1950s. Very collectibly desirable.

One of the most attractively styled Zenith radios is named "the racetrack" by collectors.
Here is the tube line up:  12BE6   12BA6  12AT6   50L6GT and 35W4.
This particular radio required three tube replacements, upgraded electrolytic and paper capacitors, one new resistor, and a new power cord . The original light bulb still worked. The light is behind the Zenith "crest" at the middle, top.
Here is another view of this radio:

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The beauty of these radios!

American designed tube radios are styled to fit into many different decorator settings. Personally, I enjoy the wood and plastic radio from the 1930s-1950s. Those radios that have an art deco look or art deco flair are particularly attractive. In time we will add additional photos and discuss the specific models.
The above photo shows a brand new two tone green Zenith five tube radio.  The walls of this room are beige on top, but green on the bottom wood/wall paneling. The radio offers a striking match to this den's color scheme. We still have the original box with the instruction for this Zenith. The old dried-out capacitors were replaced with modern versions. The radio looks and plays as if it were just taken out of the box! A gorgeous artistic item that easily enhances the room's decor.