Saturday, August 1, 2015

ZENITH H511 Mid Century Racetrack Styled Retro Tube Radio - under chassis schematic (15444 Ret-Pro 86)

RCA 66X11 Vintage Six Tube Classically Styled radio - (1947) ---14375 Ret-Pro #74


Zenith f615J Six Tube Mid Century Radio (15323 Ret-Pro 85) Greg Mercurio

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ZENITH Mid Century (1946) Tube Radio Eames Design Model 6D030E Chassis Schematic (15697 Retirement Project 88)

Stromberg Carlson Mid Century (1951) Retro Tube Radio Model 1500 Maroon Bakelite (15760 Retirement Project 90) Chassis Schematic

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General Electric 202 Six Tube Mid Century (1947) Tube Radio. Under chassis schematic (15618 Retirement Project 88)

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