Wednesday, March 1, 2017

NuArt Art Deco Radio Lamp


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EMERSON Mid Century Radio Model 547A (1947)

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General Electric Model-201 Tube Radio Classic Design (1946) - (26560 Ret-Pro-164)

RCA Vintage Six Tube Radio Model 56X - 1946 (25624 Ret-Pro 161)

SONORA Six Tube Vintage Radio (23976 Ret-Pro 156)

not available for sale

PHILCO 48-200

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PHILCO 48-230 (1948) The Flying Wedge Mid Century Modern Tube Radio (26739 RET-PRO 167)

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GENERAL ELECTRIC P807J Transistor Radio (1964). (26628. Ret-Pro 165)

SONORA Vintage Six Tube Radio Model RCU-208. (26,231 Ret-Pro 163)

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